Welcome to the Coven

Welcome to the Cousins Coven!

On our podcast we discuss everything from the realm of the paranormal. We also delve deep into magic.

For us magic is empowering, loving and enriching. As we age as beings of this planet, our magic grows with us. Likewise, we grow with our magic. It provides a warm accepting place non-biased where we can be free to believe what we want without judgments and rules.

Just like with magic we pour our knowledge and understanding into making this podcast. Episodes air each Wednesday and can be found through your favorite podcast app. Our older episodes are housed right here on our website.

Also don’t forget to check out our Merch at https://cousinscovenpodcast.threadless.com/. We had some fun making some sweet items for everyone to use in their daily lives.

We also offer tarot readings and other spiritually enriching things. Check out our tarot menu and request a booking today.

Thank you for stopping by to visit our page, for listening to our words and for all of your support.

Blessings to all!

-Cousins Coven